Values & Ethos

Our vision

“To be the best we can be” supporting pupils to progress, achieve and aim high.

Our values

We promote ‘British Values’ through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship programme and through the general day-to-day life of the school.

Staff embrace these values and act as role models for the pupils, helping to develop the ‘whole child’ in and out of school.

Our curriculum offers broad and balanced opportunities throughout the school.

Our mission & priorities

  • Establish collaborative working between school and families and to create strong roots for growth
  • To enable the children to be as independent and self-reliant as possible
  • To ensure children are taught purposeful and functional skills
  • Excellence for all
  • Every moment a learning opportunity
  • Working together we can all achieve more
  • To ensure the curriculum is relevant to the individual

A Happy Place

This is a welcoming, friendly, bright and happy place where our children feel secure, where independence and self-esteem is promoted and where they enjoy growing up and developing their unique potential.

This is an inclusive school where all are treated equally regardless of gender, disability, race or culture.

Excellent Education

Education at this school is the blend of excellence and enjoyment. Our children are treated as individuals and teaching and learning is differentiated to take account of individual need.

High Expectations

Our children are encouraged to aim high. Progress, achievements and success are celebrated.


Parents, families and the wider community are seen as equal partners with the school and we encourage involvement in school life. At Oakdale School we are committed to working with parents and professionals to ensure that every child fulfils their potential.

Our inclusion principles

“Equally different, differently equal.”

Our commitment to children

  • To empower our pupils by equipping them with the communication and functional skills to be as independent as possible.
  • To develop and support self expression.
  • To celebrate all successes and develop problems solving skills.
  • To be respectful.
  • To support pupils to be emotionally resilient and to learn from their mistakes..
  • To ensure that all pupils have a “voice”.
  • To encourage all pupils to develop independence and autonomy.
  • To encourage and support the health and well being of all pupils..
  • To ensure pupils feel safe & engaged.
  • To celebrate achievements.
  • To recognise that pupils are equally individual, individually equal.
  • To start with children’s interests & strengths progress to develop wider goals.

Our commitment to parents, carers, and the wider community

  • To encourage parents to share more information about the children’s home, families and extended families.
  • To develop trusting relationship.
  • To ensure that parents & carers are active partners in developing their child’s unique potential at school and at home.
  • To encourage and support parents by empowering them to find their own workable solutions.

Our commitment to staff

  • To nurture and encourage the hard work and commitments of staff and offer support for career progression.
  • To support the professional development of all staff.
  • To support the emotional and physical and mental health and well being of all staff.