The School Day

The school day starts at 0850 and finishes at 1450.

When children arrive in school they have the opportunity to prepare for the day ahead.

Morning sessions begin with Circle Time, which is an important part of the school day and includes opportunities for discussion, early numeracy, early literacy, and communication.

After the first morning session the children will have an opportunity to eat a snack. Snacks are varied and as healthy as possible. Children are encouraged to try new things and snack time is an opportunity to practise their communication skills.

After snack time children will go outside to play. Our playgrounds have a variety of equipment and activities for the children.

Once playtime is over the children will continue with the second morning session of the day.

Lunchtime takes place between 1130 and 1300 and the children eat their meal in the hall or a designated quiet area. When children have finished their food they go outside to play.

After lunch the children start their afternoon sessions with Circle Time. Mid-way through the afternoon children have another opportunity for snack and an outdoor break.

Toward the end of the school day the children prepare for home time and typically enjoy a story or sing songs.