Every class at Oakdale School has at least one inclusion session each week. This involves bringing pupils from our two co-located primary schools to join a range of activities with our pupils.

These sessions are run by the inclusion team and can be based on art,
design & technology, music & singing, or cookery.

We base the content of the sessions on the needs, abilities, and interests of the pupils involved and we use a wide range of communication strategies to help all the children interact with each other as fully as possible.

We also include mainstream pupils in sport, dance, and PE sessions at Oakdale School on a regular basis. Sometimes, these activities take place in the community.

Some of our pupils also spend time at our co-located primary schools – Yew Tree and St. Mary’s School – on a weekly basis. This involves Oakdale pupils being included in mainstream lessons and activities according to their needs and abilities. They are supported by the inclusion team who differentiate work and activities wherever necessary.

For a few of our pupils it has been beneficial for them to visit their own local mainstream school for some time during the week. Inclusion staff supports these visits, working with both the pupil and the staff in the mainstream school.

Some of our work also involves outreach support for other schools in the area. Please contact us at school if you would like more information about this.