Acorn Centre Training & Development Hub

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The Autism Education Trust (AET) is a training group – linked to the National Autistic Society – which provides training and support for parents and professionals around autism.

As part of our work to develop The Acorn Centre as a training and development provider, we recently applied to become a Training Hub for the AET – and have been successful in our application. We now hold a training license to be the ONLY provider in Tameside who can offer and deliver accredited Early Years AET training to colleagues from schools and private day nurseries within the Local Authority.

Please see the link below at the bottom of the page for a little more information.

It is hoped that this accredited training that we will be delivering to our mainstream colleagues and colleagues working within private day nurseries will help them to better support early years’ children who present with ASC.  

We are hoping to start organising some initial training sessions during the autumn term 2020, but obviously this is all highly dependent on the Covid-19 situation.

This is an exciting new venture for The Acorn Centre, and one we are looking forward to ‘launching’ in the very near future!

Please note a new booklet will be issued once Covid-safe arrangements have been made.