Accreditations & Awards

Autism Accreditation (2020)

Over the last couple of years, Oakdale School has been working towards achieving the National Autistic Society’s Autism Accreditation Award, as a means of reflecting and celebrating Oakdale School’s excellent practice and provision for children with an autistic spectrum condition.

Autism Accreditation is a development programme for schools and services that support children or adults with autism.  The programme sets standards of good practice which services, committed to continually improving the support they provide, aim to meet.  Achievement of the Autism Accreditation award indicates that the accredited service provides high quality, autism-specific care and support.

Vision Friendly Mark (2019)

Oakdale achieved Vision Friendly Mark (Gold) from Positive Eye Ltd in June 2019. Here are some excerpts from our assessment feedback –

Thank you for the warm welcome we received today and for sharing with us your commitment to children with vision impairments. It has been a pleasure to visit you, your staff and your wonderful children and young people.

The investment in vision friendly practices by the SLT is evident across the school setting and the best practice is embedded as an holistic approach for all children.

It is clear that the Vision Lead is highly respected, she is an outstanding role model in implementing vision friendly practices.

Staff have received effective training to enable specific support interventions to be delivered, which was impressive to observe.

Participating in the Vision Friendly Mark has enabled the school to think differently about how to support vision friendly approaches.

Staff expressed an increased confidence in their own abilities to maximise children’s visual development.

The vision friendly practices have been embedded across the curriculum using a holistic approach.

Congratulations to Oakdale Special School Staff on achieving the Gold Vision Friendly Mark.

This is thoroughly deserved for your dedicated work and commitment to making a difference to your children.

Gwyneth McCormack, Positive Eye

Artsmark Silver Award (2020)

Artsmark Silver Award logo

Oakdale School is to be commended for its ongoing commitment to developing artistic and cultural experiences for pupils.

You have successfully raised the profile of the Arts across the school and enabled pupils to actively engage in the Arts, for example when pupils performed in a specially written Christmas Production.

The Arts Week is an excellent way of bringing the whole school together in a shared experience and an opportunity to showcase pupils’ talents, it will be good to read how this event develops as you continue on your Arts Mark journey. These events have helped to engage parents and the wider community in school activities and celebrate pupils’ achievements.

Engaging in the Special Schools Arts Hub has also benefited teachers, who have been able to explore and share several resources, helping them to gain confidence in delivering arts across curriculum areas.

The self-assessment tool you have developed appears to be a very useful tool and an excellent resource to share with schools across the region. Although you had some challenges achieving all of your targets in your Statement of Commitment, you have identified clear strands that you can start to develop, such as increasing the number of visiting artists, who will undoubtedly be a further source of inspiration to pupils and teachers.

You have also considered developing Arts Awards, and this will be another positive way of formally celebrating pupils’ achievements.

Congratulations on your Artsmark Silver Award!

Arts Council England