Welcome to Oakdale School

Welcome to Oakdale School!

The Governors, staff, and I have a firm commitment to provide the highest quality education and care for all of our children at Oakdale.

“To be the best we can be.”

This is our school motto, and it is at the very heart what we believe is possible for every child.

Tina Tray

We work hard to make sure that school is a welcoming, friendly, bright, and exciting learning environment where children feel safe and secure.

Our values and ethos is very clear about what we feel is important – that Oakdale is a happy place for all children, where they are offered an excellent education, where there are high expectations and where we value partnerships with parents, families, and other professionals.

We share the steps of success our children make regularly and we are very proud of the achievements of all our children.

Please take a look at what our website has to offer.

Kindest Regards,