Oakdale Governance Statement 2015/16

The strategic functions of the governing body are;

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and pupils.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

This year we have welcomed the following new Governors:

Aaron Whitworth McGregor (co-opted governor), Carl Hughes (co-opted governor), Glen Drews-Power (co-opted governor), Tina Tray (co-opted governor) and Chris Osbaldeston (staff governor)

Governors receive termly reports from the Headteacher which gives updates regarding what has been happening in school and progress against school improvement priorities.

The Governing board recently undertook a self evaluation audit which has result in actions that will be developed in the governors action plan for 2016/17.

Governors have established a working party to identify the issues related to becoming an academy.  The working party has met twice and has established an action plan and agreed responsibilities for our next steps.

Each governor is linked with a class and is invited to events and celebrations.

Chaffinch Class                   –                       Kelly Way

Goldfinch Class                   –                       Chris Osbaldeston

Robin Class                          –                       John Palmer

Magpie Class                       –                        Tina Tray

Swallow Class                    –                          Michaela Waterhouse

Nightingale Class                –                       Carl Hughes

Kingfisher Class                  –                       Michelle Bailey

Blackbird Class                    –                       Kerry Williams

Dove Class                           –                       Glen Drews-Power

JayClass                               –                       Janet Perry

Owl Class                            –                        Vicky Gaunt

Eagle Class                          –                       Aaron Whitworth-McGregor

Governors have met 6 times this year;

Autumn Term                        30th September 2015 & 2nd December 2015

Spring Term                          3rd February 2016 & 23rd March 2016

Summer Term                       3rd May 2016 & 6th July 2016

Learning Assessment and Achievement Committee.

The committee have met 4 times on:-

Autumn Term                        16th September 2015 & 11th November 2015

Spring Term                          21st January 2016

Summer Term                       23rd June 2016

Governors of this committee have a good overview of the quality of teaching and learning and of the systems that are in place to measure achievement and progress.

This year the committee have undertaken a learning walk and met with curriculum teams to review their school improvement plans and discuss next steps.

Governors have regular updates with regard to the school self evaluation document.  Governors have had information regarding achievement and progress in relation to the specific measures used by school and have termly updates regarding overall progress as well as the progress of identified groups such as those children in receipt of pupil premium (PPG), children who are looked after (LAC), ethnicity, gender and gifted and talented.

Behaviour and Safety Committee.

The committee have met 5 times on:-

Autumn Term                        23rd September 2015 & 18th November 2015

Spring Term                          27th January 2016 & 16th March 2016

Summer Term                       29th June 2016

This committee has a wide brief that considers health & safety, safeguarding, behaviour and hazard reporting.

They have reviewed policies and undertaken the annual health & safety audit.

Leadership and Management Committee

This committee have met 3 times on:-

Autumn Term                        14th November 2015

Spring Term                          29th February 2016

Summer Term                       23rd May 2016

This committee has delegated responsibility for strategic financial management; personnel issues including appointments and performance management.  In addition this committee also overviews premises issues.

This committee receives a termly report from the School Business Manager and discuss the challenges we face in changing financial times.